Thursday, June 30, 2011

Greetings from Chicago!

Greetings from Chicago! 

Let's see, when I last left off (which was a long time ago, forgive me!), we still had to: find a place to live up here, rent out our condo in Dallas, and pack up everything and get up here. We were successful on all accounts, although finding a good place proved stressful until a last-ditch browsing of Craigslist apartment postings led us to where we are today.

Hey there!

Moving went more smoothly then I had envisioned. (I attribute that to not riding in the moving van being driven by my husband - I am a horrible backseat driver and no one driving a large Penske wants to have to deal with that.) The keys did get locked in the moving van, but this was luckily after everything was unloaded, so we just ordered some deep dish pizza while waiting for the locksmith. It became a bit of an impromptu party with J's parents, two friends that came up with us to help, and some other friends that stopped by to help out and have some 'za. (Future moving note: pack a box with things like paper towels, plates, cups, and a wine opener, and label it to be unpacked first.)

Trixie got up here on her own and made a bed...I think she was just as tired as we were!

We've been here about two and a half weeks now and are doing as much exploring as we can before J's residency starts.
 My first Cubs game!
Free concert in Millennium Park
All of the neighborhood kids and dogs are so adorable. We passed 2 lemonade stands and easily 10 strollers and 20 dogs on a walk this weekend. I feel silly, but everywhere I go I marvel at how many people are out -- one of the first walks we took was to a nearby park at lunch on a weekday and it was packed with people -- nothing like I would see in Dallas, even when the temps are lower. I feel like we lucked out in where we ended up - it was a little out of the zone we were originally looking, but it's still very much a part of things (with the bonus of not having the same level of traffic and noise from the bar scene) and is an even closer drive to J's hospital than anywhere else we looked.

Sorry these are all iPhone-quality photos. I couldn't for the life of me find my camera from day 2 on of being up here: it was on a table in the living room, and I moved it so nothing would happen to it as we rearranged furniture for the 18th time, and then I couldn't remember where I put it! I looked in my purse, in my bedroom, kitchen drawers, cabinets, the utility room, boxes...

Guess where I found it last week after I was convinced it was somehow thrown away with moving materials?

My purse. It must have a door to Narnia in it that my camera was hiding in. That, or I have too much junk in there.

I'll let you decide.