Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Sweetie Comes Home Tomorrow!

Excited to pick up my better half from the airport tomorrow after a month apart!

Photographed by Jonas Peterson via Once Wed

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Leopard Love

I am totally on the animal print bandwagon. I've been looking to add a little leopard to my life with a pair of ballet flats or heels when I saw these today.

If this were an SAT analogy quiz, it would be:
zipper : leopard ballet flat :: icing : cake

The only problem is, I have no idea where they are from. Do you know?

(Please don't tell me they're über expensive.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Do You Really Want to Skirt Me

I can't help but giggle at the name of this skirt. Modcloth, I love you.

Now I have to re-watch this scene from the Wedding Singer:

Give me time...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Eat Your Vitamins!

These are like candy to me. 

I had some credits I needed to use, and I've been meaning to start taking vitamins, so I threw these in my virtual shopping cart to get to the total for free shipping.

They arrived Saturday and I think I've already had my dosage for the week. (Remind me to call my husband tonight to see what happens if I overdose on Vitamin D3. Wikipedia is scaring me with talk of Hypervitaminosis D, although I do appreciate that this is a medical term that means exactly what it sounds like.) 

I'm a total pill gummy popper now. I think this just means I need to buy all of the other vitamins available so I don't have to decrease my overall gummy consumption.

Because, you know, these are adult vitamins. Totally legit that I take their entire line for maximum health.

$6 is the cheapest I found this particular vitamin, which is what they're selling for at (and shop through Mr. Rebates for an additional 9% back).

What about you? Do you take serious adult vitamins too?

Monday, November 8, 2010


Tis the season to start thinking about gift giving, and there are lots of great gift ideas featured on Gifted Magazine

For the Cook
Kitchen Conversions poster ($30) from SweetFineDay's Etsy

For the Griller
Gourmet BBQ blends ($16) from Purpose Design's Etsy - you pick 8 of your favorite custom blends, so this seems like a really good deal considering I've seen canisters like these for $1.50-3 a piece.

For your Furry Friend
Personalized dog bowl ($24) from Sunshine Ceramic's Etsy

For the Little One
Dolls from Sophie and Lili ($15-38, extra for totally custom)
Choose from one of the existing dolls or choose the hair, skin color, and clothing for a totally custom doll

Personal pocket mirror ($9) from Olliegraphic

Some other cute  items I found perusing the Olliegraphic site:
Plate and bowl set ($42, $20-24 each separately)

Growth chart ($49) - a little pricey, but good inspiration for a DIY version

Language print ($30) - very fun...would be a cool series to have something like this for every trip a child goes on 

For your Fave Gal
Stacking Star Rings from Brilliance Found's Etsy

For the Writer
I know these are all over the blogosphere, but I adore these Archie Grand notebooks!
($10 on Amazon)

My picks
J writes me love letters in this:
I write J love letters in this:

J writes about cool attendings who compliment him on his SOAP notes in this (I spy a good graduation present!):

I like that the magazine suggests using Wishpot to organize your holiday gift list. I've used it off and on for things I come across and want to save - it's great because it will alert you if the price drops - but I should really start trying to use it for everything instead of a mix of Amazon wishlists, bookmarking, and emailing myself. (I read that you can import your Amazon wishlist into Wishpot but haven't figured that one out yet.) What kind of system do you use for things like that?

If you'd like, check out another post I did recently on free online magazines.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

2 Different Halloweens

I thought I scheduled this for 11/1 but then just noticed I put in 11/11* - whoops! I watched a "Young and Abducted/Murdered" special on E! this morning (really morbid, huh?) so maybe I shouldn't be posting that my husband is out of town...but as you can see, I have quite the guard dog. Sorry that you're getting a Halloween post a week late!

* As an aside, my birthday is 1/11/11 this year...ohhh yeah! And anyone who has an 11/11/11 birthday is even cooler!

My Halloween:

J's Halloween:

A little different, huh? My guy just finished his first week of a month-long away rotation in OR.  I've never been and would love to visit him using the generous donation of a friend's standby passes. (We never booked a flight for me because a) we didn't know his schedule far enough in advance, and b) we're poor. Fourth year is muy caro, y'all!) 

Since a) I probably won't be able to work out working remotely with my job while I'm there and he's working (and I don't want to burn vacation at the moment because I may end up needing it), and b) if I did make it up there I don't know how the airport pickup/dropoff would work with his schedule, it looks like the visit's not happening. 

I'm bummed because a) it's hard not seeing your spouse for a month (although total control of the remote control is nice) and b) depending on if I could be there on the days he was interviewing at some other programs in the OR & WA areas, I'd get to check out three of the potential-cities-we-may-be-living-in-but-I've-never-been-to. I'd love to have the opportunity to actually visit said cities so I could give real input on his rank list. (Though clearly my influence may not matter since he's scouting out places to build his dream house!)

What did you do over the weekend? Anything fun? I'm hoping coworkers bring in lots of leftover candy since I didn't have any this weekend!