Thursday, October 6, 2011

Scarf Me!

While I'm not a colder-weather lovin' gal, the upside of my first fall in Chicago is that it's scarf time! I can't wait to try all 25 ways to a tie a scarf in this cute video:

I'm back in Dallas this week and it still feels like summer here. I was shopping with my mom last night at Charming Charlie and was looking for a burnt orange accessory to wear this weekend for TX-OU (because I will be wearing burnt orange in some form all weekend) and came across two differently adorable burnt orange scarves, and I was kind of wishing the forecast called for cold! 

I found this orange necklace instead...and this bright blue scarf...and this awesome belt with triangle arrows...and this wallet clutch thingy. I was a little out of control, but I loved this place, where all of the jewelry/accessories/clothes are organized by color. I found something new I wanted every time I made a lap around the store. (As compared to Sam Moon for you TX ladies, where I get a little overwhelmed by wall after wall of earrings and necklaces crammed together, and I always have to elbow my way in to get a good look.) Charlie, I will be back!

What's your favorite way to tie a scarf? And how many colors do you own? Off the top of my head I count black, white, red, fuchsia, aqua, grey plaid, and the new bright blue, and I'm sure I'll find more than that in the coat closet!

Hook 'em!