Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Treat Yo Self

I finally made a New Year's resolution that I think I can stick with - 2012 is the Year of Treat Yo Self!

Each month, I'm going to treat myself to something my wardrobe needs that I didn't buy quality the first time around or I was able to put off because I wouldn't use that much. (I quickly found that dressing for when I was in Texas, where it is hot most of the year and everyone drives so much, is very different than Chicago, where you truly need gear for cold weather and for walking everywhere.)

By the end of the year, I hope to have 12 pieces that will be around for many a season!

I will probably always be a $20 cute-shirt-from-H&M type of gal (no question when it comes to trendy pieces), but I'm really trying to think about cost per wear and embrace the "buy it once, buy it right" and the
"quality over quantity" mentality.

For January, I bought the Hunter Regent Carlyle rain boot that I was debating back in this post. While they were a little more expensive than other options, I kept coming back to them and I love that they go with both my black and brown coats. 

Side note: I thought they were the perfect solution for both a snow boot and for rainy days year-round. They aren't as warm as I thought they would be (after seeing ladies wearing them all around Chicago this winter and doing a little research online I thought they'd be a little bit better), but I do already have Uggs for when I just need warmth and I plan to start pairing them with some warmer socks to see if it helps. I've been blessed with a mild first winter here, so I'm hoping if it's bad next year that I don't end up also buying a pair of snow boots!

So what next? Matchbook Mag's 50 Classics for Your Closet is going to be a great source as I decide what to buy each month, as I am definitely missing some things on the list!

The very first thing on Matchbook's list is ballet flats. I had a decent all-around black pair, but they were getting a little worn and I accidentally left them in a rental car several months ago. (Oops!) So for February, I just ordered these zipper bow ballet flats in black.
I just returned a cheap pair of boots and a similar pair of not-quite-right flats that I purchased late last year from Nordstrom in exchange for these, so that helped me feel better after last month's splurge! Hopefully they are comfortable; otherwise, I will probably exchange them for this.

March, April, May?
The boots I returned where the quality was not up to snuff were a "they're cute and inexpensive and on sale" mistake. I now have my eye on the Frye Melissa Button. I've never spent so much on a pair of shoes, but I need to think about cost per wear -- the glowing reviews say they will last a mighty long time! (I have a Zappos credit that will make this one easier on the pocketbook, thank goodness.) I wish I had bought them last fall so that I could have been wearing them this whole time!

I am also thinking of jumping on the Sperry bandwagon, which could satisfy Matchbook's entry for loafers since I don't have anything like that. I previously thought they were maybe too preppy for my style, but I've had a change of heart as I've seen how adorable they are on everyone and their mom. I've heard that they are incredibly comfortable, which is what I need for the walking I'll be doing on upcoming trips to Chile/Argentina and Disney World! (Husband, these are practical.)
And just so I don't end up with a new pair of shoes every single month of the Year of Treat Yo Self, a trench coat is in the cards, too. I have a pink one from Old Navy that I got back in college that sits in my closet because it's kind of sad, so it is time to upgrade to a classic trench! 

If I were really subscribing to "buy it once, buy it right", I would get a beautiful Burberry trench just like Kate. I have no doubt that I would own it forever and could probably pass it down to the next generation (talk about cost per wear!), but a grand is just way. too. much.
I think I'm going to try this Calvin Klein trench instead - cute and functional, with a removable liner and hood (hard to find!).
I think I need to pace myself, but it's fun focusing on specific things that will improve my closet!

What's on your wardrobe wishlist? Anything you've splurged on that you're so glad you did? (Or vice versa!)