Monday, April 27, 2009

So Thankful

I got a call this rainy morning from my husband with words I hope I don't hear again: "I just got in a wreck and if it had gone any different I would have died." He hit a patch of water in the left lane of the highway and hydroplaned head-on into a guardrail. Airbags went off, and his car skidded around in the other direction, thankfully staying on the shoulder of the road or a car behind him would have hit him head-on.

Thank God he's fine.

He showed me the photos he took of his car when I got home. The whole front is caved in, and the engine is on the ground. It looks so bad. I had hoped it would be repairable, but I can see now that it's clearly totaled.

Thank God he's fine.

I feel like in some weird way I caused it.
1. Saturday, I was driving and exited where I totaled my car 4 years ago (also hydroplaning, but on an oil patch made slick by the rain - maybe we shouldn't drive anywhere in the rain), and thought about totaling my car.
2. Yesterday, I was talking to my MIL about James's car insurance and how I was looking into paying off his car loan with my tax return.
3. This morning, when I was getting on the highway to go to work, I was thinking about the rain and getting into an accident.
4. James called me earlier on his way in to school when he hit traffic to see if I could look online to see what was causing the slowdown, and I told him his route was showing a traffic jam but was the only one not showing an accident.
5. I had on my to-do list today to call the loan company to see what the payoff amount on the car was, and was really looking forward to no longer having a car payment.

Do I have some weird power? Women's intuition? Or do I just think of weird things?

Thank God he's fine. I'm going to go snuggle with him some more now.