Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mag Love

We've all been oohing and aahing over Lonny and Rue magazines lately, and with good reason in the absence of Domino and other favorites.  While I will always love sitting down with a good glossy, I am loving all of the (free!) online mags available right now.  Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite images from other online mags that aren't as getting as much blog love (yet).

  "Created for and by young Southerners, the magazine highlights the best of the Southern lifestyle, while providing readers with enjoyable content that helps improve and enrich their lives."
I like the mix of home decor, recipes, city guides, and "day in the life" coverage...all with a Southern focus! I'm looking forward to the next issue of Southern Flourish; I think it shows a lot of promise.

 I want this giant Connect Four game!
(Can you spot the typo in the green box? It's bothering me.)

 I'm liking the color palette of Beth Keim's Charlotte home

"We have all worked really hard to bring you a magazine that is filled with great ideas, tasty recipes and fun people."
I love Sweet Paul's tagline: chasing the sweet things in life. I think they are definitely on the right track.
This photography is delicious. Yum.

Is anyone else craving apple butter right now?
Just me? Okay, more for me then!

Goats! I looove goat cheese! (Oh, and I'm a Capricorn.)

Brought to us by our Canadian friends, Covet Garden is an interiors mag with a twist - they're not styled by decorators! Here's what they have to say about their magazine:
 "There are a lot of magazines and blogs that show cool interiors. But they always leave us feeling that we’re standing behind a rope, looking at the space like it’s a museum diorama. We started Covet Garden because we wanted to see a magazine that made us feel as though we were invited into someone’s home. And then, once they let us in, we started snooping around and got to know them a bit better."
Looks like each (short) issue is all about one home and the people who live in it.  I can't wait to see more!

 Dear Santa, I want a large framed print of a Penguin Books cover. I think I'm on your good list this year, so let's see what you can do.
xo, Laura

I know maps as decor is trendy, but if loving maps is wrong, I don't want to be right. (Especially if they're old school style.)

And now for the pièce de résistance from our friends Down Under, Adore Home! I'm liking that we're getting opposite seasons - since it takes me a long time to implement ideas, it gives me six months in advance!

 I adore everyhing about this office.

Good mix of sweet and chic.

This room of Summer Thornton has been in my favorites for a while, but I don't think I've seen the view of the rest of the room. 

How fun would it be to curl up in this window seat?
What are you reading these days?  Anything I should check out?


Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

What a great recap of other online magazines! I just recently found out about Adore and I love it! I agree it's kind of fun to read about the opposite season!

Sobrina Tung said...

thanks so much for sharing all these great online mags -- I must admit I haven't seen any of these yet -- I've been too swept away with Lonny and Rue. I'm definitely bookmarking :)

Lindsay Road said...

Cute blog! Thanks for entering my contest!