Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Well I Love a Rainy Night

I don't mind when it's raining outside...as long as I'm inside and cuddled up with a blanket! (Bonus if my husband and/or dog is next to me.)

The past few days have been gloomy and rainy in Chicago, and I'm counting my blessings that I work from home and haven't had to deal with it. But I know my day is coming and it's only going to get worse as we roll into winter, so I need to get some rain boots sooner rather than later so I can walk through the slushy snow in style!

A friend ordered a monogrammed pair, which I think is super adorable, but I think they took over 6 weeks to arrive!

And of course, the clear popular choice these days is the Hunter wellie, and for good reason.

But oh, so many colors from which to choose! I like the always classic black, and think they'd blend in well so it's not super obvious if I step into somewhere nice that I have on rain boots. (Although I hear no one cares what you are wearing come winter in Chicago.)

Doesn't Blair from Atlantic-Pacific look amazing in her red pair?

As a lover of all things blue, of course turquoise is a frontrunner.

The plus for the turquoise blue over basic black is that it goes with both of my main coats: a brown down parka and a navy trench-style wool coat that I love to pieces. (The brown one was purchased on crazy deep clearance last spring back in Dallas, because who needs one in Texas? If it turns out to not be warm enough, I'll probably replace it with one that is black or charcoal.) Hmm, red would also go with all of these colors...

And then these fancy Hunters would go with both black and brown:

Source: shopbop.com via Laura on Pinterest

Ah, what to do, what to do.


Sweet Simplicity said...

I would love a pair of hunter boots! You are right though, so many beautiful colors to choose from!

Emreen said...

Beautiful colors...!!