Saturday, November 6, 2010

2 Different Halloweens

I thought I scheduled this for 11/1 but then just noticed I put in 11/11* - whoops! I watched a "Young and Abducted/Murdered" special on E! this morning (really morbid, huh?) so maybe I shouldn't be posting that my husband is out of town...but as you can see, I have quite the guard dog. Sorry that you're getting a Halloween post a week late!

* As an aside, my birthday is 1/11/11 this year...ohhh yeah! And anyone who has an 11/11/11 birthday is even cooler!

My Halloween:

J's Halloween:

A little different, huh? My guy just finished his first week of a month-long away rotation in OR.  I've never been and would love to visit him using the generous donation of a friend's standby passes. (We never booked a flight for me because a) we didn't know his schedule far enough in advance, and b) we're poor. Fourth year is muy caro, y'all!) 

Since a) I probably won't be able to work out working remotely with my job while I'm there and he's working (and I don't want to burn vacation at the moment because I may end up needing it), and b) if I did make it up there I don't know how the airport pickup/dropoff would work with his schedule, it looks like the visit's not happening. 

I'm bummed because a) it's hard not seeing your spouse for a month (although total control of the remote control is nice) and b) depending on if I could be there on the days he was interviewing at some other programs in the OR & WA areas, I'd get to check out three of the potential-cities-we-may-be-living-in-but-I've-never-been-to. I'd love to have the opportunity to actually visit said cities so I could give real input on his rank list. (Though clearly my influence may not matter since he's scouting out places to build his dream house!)

What did you do over the weekend? Anything fun? I'm hoping coworkers bring in lots of leftover candy since I didn't have any this weekend!


Tam said...

SO.BEEN.THERE. Aways are so hard. Jeremy did two back to back last fall when I was pregnant (but hadn't told anyone). Luckily I did get to visit. I'm thinking of you.

Oregon is BEYOND perfect. Jeremy grew up in Portland and we were engaged on the Oregon coast. It was too hard of a match for us out there but its VERY high on our list of "forever locations" after residency.

So much exciting stuff coming up for you guys! Yay!!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I tried to get Ty to set up a rotation in OR. I have never been, but I've heard such great things! These away rotations suck!

Stacy at A Novel Source said...

Oh I love the Oregon coast! What gorgeous pictures you included!!!!
and your poodle is absolutely adorable! I have a black standard poodle and would not trade him for the world! Are poodles just not the best?