Monday, November 8, 2010


Tis the season to start thinking about gift giving, and there are lots of great gift ideas featured on Gifted Magazine

For the Cook
Kitchen Conversions poster ($30) from SweetFineDay's Etsy

For the Griller
Gourmet BBQ blends ($16) from Purpose Design's Etsy - you pick 8 of your favorite custom blends, so this seems like a really good deal considering I've seen canisters like these for $1.50-3 a piece.

For your Furry Friend
Personalized dog bowl ($24) from Sunshine Ceramic's Etsy

For the Little One
Dolls from Sophie and Lili ($15-38, extra for totally custom)
Choose from one of the existing dolls or choose the hair, skin color, and clothing for a totally custom doll

Personal pocket mirror ($9) from Olliegraphic

Some other cute  items I found perusing the Olliegraphic site:
Plate and bowl set ($42, $20-24 each separately)

Growth chart ($49) - a little pricey, but good inspiration for a DIY version

Language print ($30) - very fun...would be a cool series to have something like this for every trip a child goes on 

For your Fave Gal
Stacking Star Rings from Brilliance Found's Etsy

For the Writer
I know these are all over the blogosphere, but I adore these Archie Grand notebooks!
($10 on Amazon)

My picks
J writes me love letters in this:
I write J love letters in this:

J writes about cool attendings who compliment him on his SOAP notes in this (I spy a good graduation present!):

I like that the magazine suggests using Wishpot to organize your holiday gift list. I've used it off and on for things I come across and want to save - it's great because it will alert you if the price drops - but I should really start trying to use it for everything instead of a mix of Amazon wishlists, bookmarking, and emailing myself. (I read that you can import your Amazon wishlist into Wishpot but haven't figured that one out yet.) What kind of system do you use for things like that?

If you'd like, check out another post I did recently on free online magazines.


Sweet Simplicity said...

I love when people do posts like this! Fun ideas! I love the personalized doll--so cute.

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

Thanks for the conversion chart...that will certainly come in handy!

The English Organizer said...

Love that conversion chart. The notebooks are so pretty....
I will check out Wishpot, sounds interesting!