Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dress the Walls with...

I have a lot of wall space in the new home that's dying for some fun art. Since I'm a typography nerd, all of these really appeal to me!

This "For Like Ever" poster is adorable and immediately got snatched up when it was featured on a Domino cover. Apparently this is too trendy to be cool anymore, but since I don't actually know anyone with this print, I'm considering ordering it.

(find it here)
From the source:
It was designed in 2004 as a part of Tracy's MFA thesis project in the Graphic Design program at Yale University. It is a simple phrase she has always loved, and magnifying it on paper seems to change its meaning from a sometimes throwaway saying to a larger hopeful statement. Putting it down on paper was an attempt to make something fragile and fleeting permanent...In a way it was meant to be a love letter to each other and a celebration of the exciting and scary prospect of a new beginning.
For a newly married gal like myself, I think this perfectly sums up how I'm feeling. I can totally see hanging this over our bed. What do you think about this paired with the Love Candy print below? (I don't know about the pink/red. I think the "For Like Ever" comes in a gold, and I could pair it with the sky blue version of the LOVE.)

(source jenniferramos etsy shop / Made by Girl)

I need to follow up with another post of all the lovely things at Mady by Girl. I just love how she stages her photos!

Another ubiquitous print is the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster. Like the "For Like Ever", I've seen some backlash on the blogosphere over these, but I loved this since I stumbled across it on Etsy, and the phrase became my wedding-planning (and now life) mantra. (And again, it's not like I know anyone who actually has this.) The print is a reproduction of a poster that displayed in England during the World War II era, urging British citizens to “keep calm and carry on”. (More history here.)

I often see sfgirlbybay's etsy shop mentioned with this print, but I found a better price on what looks like really good quality paper on pressureless's etsy shop. He's just about to post some for me in a steel blue and a navy (I've been looking for a blue to go in my office), so I'm about to buy this baby!

Here are some alternatives for those who are sick of it:

(source: The Poster List, all posters currently 2 for $20)

(source: pearliemae's etsy shop)

(source: jennysbakeshop's etsy shop, this one's expensive at $89)

I've been looking for something that said "You & I", or more preferably, "Tu y Yo", the title of a fabulous music video DH & I saw all the time in Costa Rica. I found this You & Me print that I wasn't crazy about, and then I came across this "You & I are BFF" that I loved from SparklePower's etsy shop. (Umm, have I mentioned how much I heart etsy?) I bought it along with this coordinating "La La Love You" print. I'm not cool enough to know that these are lyrics to a Pixies song; part of the reason I like this is because my dad used to call me La La Orange from Rainbow Brite:Isn't she so adorable? (Or should I say so alaurable?) I'd like to think I have her spunk, although I don't know if I could pull off the beret. I'm not sure where I'll put these two. I was originally thinking our guest bath since the blue goes with the towels, but I think they're too big. Maybe the entryway.

Here are a few others in my etsy favorites:

Breathe print for the stressed-out student doctor DH. I wish he sold something I could put with it...maybe a heart with arrows for the blood saying something like "I Beat for You"? I don't know.

(source: undisign's etsy shop)

I think this is actually a band poster. Is it wrong to buy something when you don't know anything about the band? The bubble fill-in-the-blanks make my standardized-test-loving heart go pitter patter.

Probably something I shouldn't display at work...

And this one would be for my friend Megan.

(both source: BluLima's etsy shop)

The best recommendation on good, cheap frames for these are IKEA's Ribba frames. Anyone want to take a trip with me up to Frisco?

What do you think of these prints?

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