Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wish List

I am coveting so many things right now, but will probably not buy any of it for two reasons:
a) I'm trying to keep the acquisition of possessions down (DH keeps warning me about how we will have to downscale if we have a cross-country move for his residency), and
b) I have a somewhat aggressive year-end savings goal that doesn't really support extra purchases

a) I'll find a deal on one of these babies, or
b) blogging about it will remove my desire and I'll be able to talk myself out of it once and for all

Laptop Bag
I think this might be classified as a "need". The handle on my old standard-issue bag broke, and I've been keeping my eye out for something chic to replace it with. I thought I found a steal the other day on a gorgeous, much-reduced leather handbag/tote featured on an ideeli sale but ultimately decided that since it wasn't made to hold a laptop that the straps would probably break.
* Alert! * To launch her new website, Chelsey Henry is giving away free laptop sleeves! I signed up for one, so I'm crossing my fingers that it actually comes. From the photo of it above, this could definitely meet my needs. Go sign up yourself!

PB Teen rug $129-$599

Off and on I resume my search for an eye-popping blue rug for the living room but haven't made the leap yet...I actually don't even know what size I'd need

biOrb Aquarium $130
Rex the Betta that I received almost 2 years ago for my birthday is still living in his boring old house. Don't you think he deserves something better? (And self-cleaning?)

I did find the small one on one website for about $70 but in black. (I'm partial to the silver.) I'll keep looking.

A puppy!
Too much work and expense for how busy we are right now?

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made sweet said...

Hi Laura,

First off, those puppies make my heart melt! So adorable. I just wanted to let you know that I do sell the "love notes" cards, it is $30 for the set of 8 cards. If you're still interested let me know!