Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Love Resolution

2010 so far has been crazy work hours-wise for The Hubs (usual) and me (unusual), so we haven't been able to see much of each other lately. When we do, we're often stressed and snippy.

Case in point: I ate the last burrito when I came home late the other night, and unbeknownst* to me, he had his sites set on it for breakfast the next morning. He was not. happy. with. me. (In my defense, it was mine to begin with. His reasoning is that I have 24 hours to eat something that was originally mine and then it becomes community property. Apparently I need to make sure I'm updated on the latest house rules. The committee must have voted on that one without me.)

We did get the chance to snuggle on the couch a little last night after I got home from volunteering and before he had to go to bed, and it was nice to reconnect. February won't be any better for him, but I'm hoping to take a breather and concentrate more on love instead of fighting about burritos in the coming month. A worthy goal, I think.

Just in time for Love Month, AT did a post on love prints, and I fell in love (ha!) with these city prints by artsharkdesigns. I think it would be so neat to have a collection of your most favorite places. Unfortunately, none of them are for cities that have special meaning to J & me (although we've visited quite a few together), so I'm eagerly awaiting new cities. Check out these lovelies!

We did go to Venice and had a grand ol' time, but we didn't do a gondola ride, so I don't particularly feel like this umbrella couple. More fitting would be us walking along the canals with me eating a huge cup o' gelato. I may have to get this one anyway!

I'm saving our pennies for an awesome trip this summer. Maybe London?

Love this one of the UVA campus. I'm crossing my fingers for a UT one! That would be so perfect. Maybe I should commission one?

Brooklyn Bridge

San Franciso...I'm dying to take a romantic trip here!

What's your favorite? Know any other good lovey-dovey artwork I should look at?
* Okay, so not totally unbeknownst to me. I knew we were out of breakfast food other than yogurt and dry cereal and I ate it anyway. It was sooo worth it.

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