Friday, January 15, 2010

Please Help

I was sent this email today from a coworker. After reading this, how can you not help?
Hello all, It is with deep sadness that I have to report the heart wrenching news that I have lost a younger brother in the earthquake in Haiti while he was in his law office. His car was still parked outside. The conditions in which he was found is too graphic to detail in this e-mail. Fortunately, about 2 miles away, my Dad and everyone else in the house (3 floors) made it outside, before it completely collapsed. Haiti is my land of birth. I left there when I was 19 to come and live here. I guess that you can only imagine my anguish right now.

On behalf of my people, I want to say that we truly appreciate all the support that we have received so far from the entire world and especially from the American people and Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton.

I also value the fact that all of you kept in touch and offered to help in these devastating moments of deep sorrow and suffering. Please keep us the Haitian people and the people of Northern Malawi in your thoughts and prayers. If your friends and fellow parishioners feel the urge to donate, please tell them do so "only" through a well-known relief organization.
It makes me so sad that I am sitting here, healthy and comfortable with life's luxuries that I am lucky to have, when hundreds of thousands of people are facing devastation that I can't even imagine.

Please, please consider giving what you can to a recommended organization. Charity Navigator has provided a helpful list of organizations and tips. I just made a $100 donation to Doctors Without Borders. Normally $100 is a lot in my everyday, trying-to-be-frugal life, but it's definitely not enough. Who am I not to help others when I have the resources to do so? I hope to donate some more to other relief organizations as well.

Please, please, give today. Pick an organization, and do what you can. Even better, find a way to get your donation matched or supplemented. I truly believe that every little bit helps. For example, Money Saving Mom is donating $10 for each person who blogs about what they did to help those in Haiti and leaves a comment. There is wonderful stuff like this going on all over blogland, and it's amazing.

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

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Sweet Simplicity said...

What a heartfelt and sad letter. We have definitely felt compelled to give. Doctors Without Borders is a great organization. I also bought these cute cards and the proceeds go to help. I know it isn't much, but it is something and it might remind someone else that they should give if they are able.