Thursday, March 11, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

I've been on a smoothie kick for breakfast lately, and my latest twist has been to add some spinach to it. (I was channeling Missy Chase Lapine of the Sneaky Chef, who spoke at our Junior League meeting recently. The sneaky ingredient in her smoothie recipe is avocado - I wonder what that's like.)


The spinach went great the first few days. Amazingly, you cannot taste it and wouldn't know it was there but for some tiny green bits.

However, I think I got a little heavy handed with my last attempt.

One handful? Still red.
Two handfuls? Still red
One last handful because we really need to finish off this half-used giant tub of spinach before it goes bad? Puke green (not a pretty green like this one)

I decided to ignore the color, but it also tasted bad, I think due to a lack of some sweetening agent. Sadly, I ended up throwing it out.
Any favorite smoothie recipes or tips out there? I know it isn't as healthy/cheap as making your own, but I recently tried the Yoplait frozen smoothie mix (or as this funny blog post* calls them, the "Jamba Juice Action Playsets"), and I thought they tasted good and blended real...smooth. Mmm, a smooth smoothie.
* I laughed out loud at the response to one of the comments about how buying a pre-made mix is lazy: talk to the Cheeto-filled hand

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Sweet Simplicity said...

I have never thought about adding spinach. That is such a good idea. I will be trying this tonight.