Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lucky Dog

I cringed at my misspelling this morning when I shared this post about this dog mustache chew toy and added the comment that I wanted one with "Mrs. Potatoe lips". I knew it didn't look right, but I always think about Dan Quayle and want to add the "e", thinking he insisted it didn't have one.

(If you're interested, here's the feed for my Google Reader Shared Items.)

Anyhow, I did find some smiling versions:

Fetch Art Dog Lips

Fetch Art Clown Lips

Love the tongue:

Humunga Tongue, tongue and stached also sold at Petco and Amazon

I don't know if my dog would grab it properly, but it would make for a funny photo op.

I had some dog drama tongight. J texted me after picking her up from his parents, where she spends her days while we're at work. She had darted out an open door at their house for what I think is the third time in the last few weeks, and then she alluded them for half an hour. And she pulled all of this paper out of their recycling bin to chew up. Needless to say, FIL doesn't want to watch her this weekend when the rest of us go out of town this weekend.

Then I came home to find the cutest doggy care package from my friend that included this St. Patty's "Lucky Dog" tee and frog. It was such a sweet surprise, even though this baaaad puppy didn't deserve it.

It's no bueno that she's not behaving, and I think she's acting up more now (she's 8 months) than she ever did as a younger pup. So I had a nice chat with a PetSmart guy tonight, and we are enrolling her in some training classes, something we probably should have done from the begninning. It's going to be great. We will go on Saturdays so J can join, and we will once and for all establish that I am the pack leader.

My hope in 8 weeks that she will:
Respond to "Stay" and "Come here"?
She better!

Stop barking at
a) dogs on TV*, b) doorbells on TV, c) screaming children on TV, d) sketchy people on TV, e) grocery scanner beeping on TV, f) hospital maching beeping on TV?
g) All of the above

* I often marvel to J about how we picked such a good dog because I always wanted a dog that would watch TV and chew ice cubes, something my dogs growing up never did and she does.

At first it was cute when she'd stop playing with her toys to look up at something interesting on the screen, but it quickly became annoying once she started barking and/or growling at it constantly. Who knew dogs and wild children were so prevalent on the shows we watch? Now J and I say things like "Oh yeah, Trixie doesn't like Frasier; there are a lot of doorbells on this show. However, Will & Grace is coming up and she likes it just fine." and "Change the channel, the M&M's commercial where Red's running on the grocery conveyer belt is coming on!".

What about you? Any dog training tips to share? Any pet products you're loving? Any interest in seeing the fun pet collars and tags I've found in search of the perfect one for our pampered pooch?


Kristina at The Purple Pea said...

I think it's adorable that she responds to the TV. But I am sure it probably gets old pretty quick.

We took our two Dobermans to PetSmart training. I also have read all of the Cesar Millan books too which were completely helpful not only with training, but understanding how dogs are. But the PetSmart classes will be great for her! Not only will she meet other puppies, but she'll get trained. And that will wear her out (which is something I always love)

Can't wait to hear how great she does!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

These are hilarious!!!

Janette said...

Hi Laura, These are soooo funny!
Thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving your lovely comment. Janette x

Kelly said...

we have the tongue!