Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Asked My Husband for Hangers for Christmas

Seriously! I decided around 11:30 last night when putting away some laundry to clean out and organize my closet. (I know, I'm crazy like that. My mind revs up at night when I should be getting my beauty sleep, which explains why I'm always so tired. It's a vicious cycle.)

When I got married, I inherited DH's lovely mix of non-matching, mostly wire, hangers. (Now, I have some of these buggers too, but the majority of mine were of the matching, white plastic variety.) I feel like they are taking over our closets. So unsightly. So I spent last night hanging up the huge pile of my clothes that had made their way to the backs of chairs (funny how they like to migrate there) with the remaining white hangers I could shore up. In a fit of passion, I ran into our bedroom, where DH was dozing with a movie on and yelled "All I want for Christmas are MORE WHITE HANGERS!"

And I'm serious. I asked for no gifts this year. But I will make an exception here. James, I will not put you in the doghouse if you get them for me, like in this funny video:

I put back my tops in color order* and noticed that I have absolutely no purple in my wardrobe, other than the lone purple dress I bought for engagement photos. I've never really liked purple unless it's more blue than purple, but it's grown on me lately. Since it's such prevalent color this fall, I've made it my goal to add some plum and aubergine** to add some diversity to my closet.

* Any tips on the best way to organize your closet? I have such a hard time! Some clothes are reserved strictly for work, some I wear both at working and going out/weekends, some are going out only, etc. Color seemed best to me because if I think of something specific I want to wear I can at least find it.

** Are these the same shade? I am very unversed in this hue.


la la Lovely said...

Hi Laura..... just wanted to let you know that you won the giveaway on my site!!!!!! Can you send me your e-mail address?
Thx, Trina xx

la la Lovely said...

Thanks for your e-mail.. I have forwarded it on my contact at Delight and she will be in touch with you. let me know if you don't here from her or if there are any problems! And thanks for the tip with my e-mail address.. I'll have to look into it.