Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nashville Love

I was looking through the latest issue of Southern Living last night and came across an article on Austin vs. Nashville. As a proud graduate of The University of Texas, I was a little dismayed that I hadn't enjoyed most of the places mentioned in the Austin article. (We have several friends that have recently moved there or are planning to, so I can get right on that.)

I was duly impressed by all Nashville has to offer, and I'm so wanting to visit someday and purchase a souvenir poster from Hatch Show Print, my faves of which are at the end of this post.

I'm saddened by the devastating flooding that has happened there. I was happy to read today about Lift Up Nashville, found via two ellie, which is selling these $10 posters that go toward a flood relief fund. I love these designs, and what a great way to show support.

Hmm, can't decide which is my favorite...

This measurement poster matted and framed in my future all-white kitchen? Perfection.
(Also practical, because I don't have all of my conversions down.)

Other articles in this issue I enjoyed...
Gardening 101: Basil - I just purchased my first basil plant and I am in love. I hope J doesn't get tired of my caprese salads!

The South's Best Dog Parks - I love that there's one in VA called the Bea Arthur. (Fact: We like the Golden Girls, and Bea Arthur was a factor in naming Trixie Beatrix. I wanted to call her "Bea" or "Bebe" as her primary nn, but my MIL insisted on Trixie and it stuck.) We need to try the Fort Woof in Fort Worth sometime. I'm really excited that a dog park not too far from my house is opening soon. I can't wait to go, since our pup doesn't get much off-leash time. Should I be worried about male dogs coming up to her and trying to take advantage? My poor baby.

$15 Mirror, Priceless Look - I really want to try etching glass. I think this would be fun to attempt. Surprise surprise, I think I'd try out a chevron pattern.

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Sweet Simplicity said...

SL is one of my favorite magazines! Your dog park probably has rules that all dogs must be fixed. Obviously, if it is a puppy and too young to be fixed I would ignore that rule and just watch out for other offenders. haha.