Monday, December 7, 2009

Polka Dot Tights

When I was out Christmas shopping shopping for myself tonight, I bought several items that I am sure to return*. One item was a 2-pack of Betsey Johnson tights: black-on-black patterned and a bright purple. Why return them? I want new tights. If my dresser was a union member, it would be picketing for tights' rights.

However, my heart belonged to another. A pair of black-on-black polka dot tights:

via for me, for you found on Copenhagen Street Style

I've seen similar ones sold online, but I'm not going to pay shipping for a pair of tights. Then I saw that Express has them for $16.50, and I also have a $15 of $15 coupon that I didn't know if I was going to use or not. Cha-ching! Polka dots, here I come. (Please be available in-store.)
* I don't know why I am having so much trouble buying things for myself. I've been good all year, but my purchases from my last few shopping expeditions are all waiting to be returned: 3 pairs of shoes from Endless**, a ruffled cardigan (cute but don't need) and black sweater dress (looking for a better one), and tonight's items: a purple BCBG sweater dress ($30 from $240, but I may be too fat hippy to pull it off), a blue-green ruffled shirt (cute and will probably keep), and a UT hoodie (something warm to wear to watch the BCS National Championship impulse buy, I have plenty of Texas gear, but it was only $16...).

** I totally love Endless and Zappos, but they probably hate me as a customer. I return way more things than I keep, as I never know what will fit or if I will like it in person. And they seriously mean it when they say 365 day return policy. I shipped back a pair that didn't make the cut for my wedding shoes but I did plan to wear in my friend's wedding 11 months later. I didn't end up wearing them then either, so back they went...about a week before my 365 days were up. Woo hoo!


Tam said...

I've been terrible lately too - buying maternity clothes I DON'T NEED.

I also have been swooning over black pearls and bought myself a necklace the other night.

Did I mention we decided NO on holiday gifts because we're having a baby? Right.

My problem is I always SAY I'll return stuff.. and never do. Also I've NEVER returned an online purchase TOO.MUCH.HASSLE.

A Life More Fabulous said...

So much fun! - and with black on black you can even wear them to work :)