Monday, December 14, 2009

My Outfit

Back in October, I was lucky enough to win a copy of the Feather Report iPhone app, which included a customized outfit to be posted on Feather. Melissa posted mine today, so go check it out! I just adore the dress.

The Feather app is now on sale for $1.99, so get it if you don't have it yet. It's how I check the weather these days. (Since I've never been good about checking the forecast and realizing that I need a coat, this has helped my dressing-for-the-weather impaired self.)

For any iPhone-owning readers, any new apps I should know about? An email landed in my inbox today about one called iWore, free for a limited time. It lets you upload phone pics of your outfits and mark the occasion you wore it on and who saw you in it. Since at least once a week I grab something from my closet and can't even remember if I wore it the previous week, this could really help me out. (This is actually a problem I have, and may be an excuse I should use to do laundry at an even lower frequency.) I see the best usage out of it for special occasion outfits that you may want to recycle but can't remember which group of friends has seen you in it three times already. You can also share your outfits via Facebook or email, which I would probably only do if I was as stylish as these chicas.

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