Thursday, July 29, 2010

In the Desert You Can Remember Your Name

Greetings from the Arizona desert!

I am here right now for work. The only time I've ever been to AZ was a layover in the Phoenix airport, so I've been having fun checking everything out.

Last night I strolled around a big-box store shopping center (not very cultural, but something to do), where I snapped the above photo. A much prettier setting for an ULTA, no?

Palm trees make everything pretty.

And then I drove around the ASU campus. Sun Devil Stadium, which is on the leftish side of the photos below, is pretty cool - constructed between two mountain buttes, so it "literally was carved from the desert". (Literally.) One of the buttes (hehe) is also in the leftish side of the photos, not that you can really tell.

Tonight, I'm going to check out some more buttes and maybe some cacti. Maybe check out downtown Phoenix. And maybe head to the outlet mall and IKEA to continue my non-cultural enrichment. (While I don't have room in my suitcase for an Expedit, I could probably fit something like these file boxes I've had my eye on.)

It's almost the weekend!  Have a good one.


emily said...

have fun in arizona---i love it there :)

thanks for the congrats on my blog!

ag. said...

wow, these are just beautiful photos. really really stunning!

LiveLikeYou said...

Those images are amazing!!! Makes me miss Arizona-I just to go there for work all the time!