Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crazy 'Bout a Sharp-Dressed Man

My dear husband is flying out today for his first residency interview.

As I helped him come up with shirt and tie options for the dinner tonight and the interview tomorrow, I was thinking how awesome it would be to have a collection organized like this:

Previous to his 3rd year of med school, J didn't have a lot of need for ties. Last year during rotations I discovered he really likes wearing ties (and dislikes wearing scrubs, which is the whole reason I sometimes wish I was a nurse/doctor/in some kind of medical profession, so I think that's a total waste).  Now whenever I'm at T.J.Maxx (which is a lot), I stop by the tie section and try to find one I think he'd like. (You can beat that most of them are around $10, compared to the $30-40 price tags still on many of them.)  

J's idea of organizing his small collection is laying them out on a chair in our living room...maybe I'll come up with a new system while he's out of town. I have this crazy idea that they should be located in his closet (some training will be involved), and I just need to figure out what will be best to use where they don't slide off the hanger.

Closet Accessories
via Houzz

I may even go wild and organize his closet so he can actually get to the ties. I need something to feel some control during this interview process where there is pretty much no control in where we end up! (Which has definitely


Melissa said...

ahhh! what a time to go through. Stay busy and focused! It's an adventure! I like the "tie box". It's cool.

Tam said...

ha! we bought that same hanger for J's ties! He prefers wearing scrubs and so do I (saves on dry cleaning bills and I this he looks HOT in his doctor gear)

How is 4th year going? How many interviews is he going to take?