Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names

Um, totally love this. How fun would it be to have this on your wall and debate with friends who's missing and/or should be classified in other categories?

Found at Pop Chart Lab, $20

P.S. Notice a trend here?
A flowchart of getting shot by the Sartorialist
P.P.S. What would your rap name be? One of my sorority sisters used to call me "Big L". (She swore it wasn't because I always ate my weight in queso on Mexican Lunch day, but I have my doubts.) This rap star name generator says I should go by "Dutchess McDougal". (But am I allowed to spell Duchess properly, oh Rap Star Name Generator?)

P.P.P.S. I so want to create my own chart like this! What subject would you want to classify?

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Anonymous said...

I NEED this.