Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gators & Whales

I just added these $10 salt and pepper shakers from Wrapables to my Amazon Wishlist. It's not like we need any - for some reason we have been gifted an abundance of different S and P sets by a certain person who gave birth to my groom* - but they are adorable and I'd like to virtually pretend they're mine. 
They remind me of this $44 set from Jonathan Adler:
Although I think I like the Wrapables whale better. The photo shows the whale holding the pepper and the gator (or is he a croc?) with salt, but I'd switch them. Because you know, whales live in salt water. (Oh, and the spray coming out of their blowhole would be white.) And the alligator is meaner, and well, pepper can sometimes give you a kick in the pants.

And in my same dub-dub-dub internets browsing session I ran across this bedding and thought to myself, ooh, they both have gators and whales in blue and green, I can do my own "this and that" post like Oh Joy!. (Put your baby in this crib bedding, season your now-cold food because you don't have time to eat with a fussy baby with these salt and pepper shakers.)

And then I realized that what I thought was a whale was an elephant. Oops.

Gotta go work on my animals.

* How do you nicely sell/donate items that have been gifted to you but aren't your favorite? You know, so you can replace them with objects that will help remind you of the difference between whales and elephants.

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Casey at Instant Inspiration said...

ohmygosh those whale/gator salt & pepper shakers are so darling!!