Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Believe it or Not...

I got home from work early today and hung out with DH for a bit before going to Catholic class. He was deep into studying, but he keeps the TV on in the background (usually TBS) and it was Seinfeld time. I never watched Seinfeld the first time around so I'm a decade late in sharing this (has it really been a decade?), but we were both in stitches today over George's answering machine message:

George's Answering Machine - Jerry Seinfeld

I'm not sure why we think it's so funny, but I keep replaying and singing it for James. I should totally record this for my cell phone. Not knowing the origin of the song, I turned to YouTube:

The Greatest American Hero, an early 80s sitcom drama-comedy! The plot looks a little complicated for me. And not to be confused with Great American Hero, home of (one of) my favorite Dallas sandwich. Life makes sense now.

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