Thursday, October 16, 2008

Honey, I'm Home!

So, I've been looking for *something* to go in our entryway. According to the design sites I look at, I need a "landing strip". (Just don't try to Google the phrase.) Somewhere to drop off the keys and bags, place a cute vase on, hang some art over. The flooring in the entry was just redone, and now I just need something to finish it out.

This console from Wisteria has been reduced from $630 to $220 - whoa! - but I'm hoping to find something magical (read: free) from the in-laws' storage shed or on Craigslist.

Since a table would go against the wall next to the front door and we always come in through the garage, which is located next to the stairs (which we immediately take up to the living area), maybe we'd never actually use the table. But a place to corral mail before it gets carried upstairs and scattered around would be nice. I really like this from Urban Outfitters:

And this hook (also Urban) is just plain cute:

I also really, really, really (and recently decided that I) want a card catalog. Behold:

(from here)

(and this lucky duck got hers for free on Craigslist!)

Um, how incredibly great (and versatile!) would one of these be? I could put it in an office and store craft supplies, in a kitchen with all kinds of neat goodies, and what I'm looking for - in the entryway and put all of the little odds & ends - keys, mail, sunglasses, scarves, gloves. I read that they also hold bottles of wine quite nicely (I don't know if I'd do that). Plus, I (briefly) wanted to be a librarian when I was young. Oh card catalog, I want you.

(love the original label on this one)

I found an smaller one (30 drawers) on eBay that could fit the bill with a coat of paint. I showed it to DH, and while I think he secretly liked it (who wouldn't?!), I think he's trying to put a moratorium on adding anything to our home that will later have to be moved. He's always ruining my fun. I was seriously considering bidding on the one I found, since at under $100 it's much cheaper than others I've seen, but I'm sure the shipping costs would be quite high.

What do you think? Should I hold out and hope to come across the perfect card catalog on my local Craigslist? Or am I crazy to want one and should just get a regular, boring console table? (Or make DH happy and not get anything - don't say this option!)

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GrannySmithGreen said...

The card catalog--how funny! I have one and use it for office supplies, just as you mentioned. I have a drawer for markers, pencils, tape, etc. I think it has made me too organized! Now if the drawers were just big enough for all the other things in life!