Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Regardless of who you voted for, you can't deny how historic last night was. I definitely cried watching the crowds at Grant Park and then watching Obama's acceptance speech. (I wonder what kind of puppy they're going to get?) I wish his grandmother had been able to see this, but I know all of them were watching from above.

I read a lot of articles today (since when am I such a political junkie?), and this one really got to me.
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kay* said...

thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting :) and thank you for sharing the link to that article - it is great and i hope you don't mind if i too share it on my blog.

i'm not american but i dont think you have to be to appreciate, be proud and excited about what has happened in the US. i held an election party last night in new jersey and am seriously considering getting a bus load of folks from toronto (my home) or at least a car full and making a road trip to washington for jan.20.

yes america! yes you can and yes you did!