Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Cards

Some Christmas card goodness:

from Manta Ray Designs

from letterpress

from Sycamore Street Press

from Chick Print

from Darling Shoppe

from Nastee Notes

from a favorite design

Not a card, but super cute:

from The Craft Pantry

This year I plan to do a photo card for the first time with a photo from the wedding. (I figure this is the last time we'll do this until we have a kid, and then we'll probably be like everyone else and only produce cards exhibiting how cute our offspring are.) I was too lazy to order when there were some sweet deals going on (of course) and I'll be running out of time soon, so one of my goals tomorrow is to pick out the picture and order them. MIL is dead-set on one, although I don't think it's the one I want to use since it's of us and the church and you would barely be able to see us when it's printed on a small card. She also suggested doing a collage, but I think that would be huge overkill - I already feel a little weird sending out a card with a picture of us. Maybe I'll post my choices tomorrow if I need help.

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