Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh, Consumerism

Wal-Mart Employee Trampled to Death - In the crush to get their stupid electronic crap, they run over a human being.
“When they were saying they had to leave, that an employee got killed, people were yelling, ‘I’ve been on line since yesterday morning,’ ” Ms. Cribbs told The Associated Press. “They kept shopping.”
Perusing the paper today, I saw this full-page De Beers ad:

Our lives are full of things. Disposable distractions,
stuff you buy but do not cherish, own yet never love.
Thrown away in weeks rather than passed down for generations.

Perhaps things will be different now. Wiser choices made with greater care.
After all, if the fewer things you own always excite you, would you
really miss the many that never could?


I really dislike the marketing in the diamond industry, and I had forgotten how much we get inundated with jewelry ads once the holiday season rolls around. (I'm a huge hypocrite, as I looked through the Black Friday ads and noticed that without fail, someone is always offering diamond studs at like half price - what's the true markup here, people? - and thought to myself that someday I'd like to upgrade mine.) However, those De Beers ad guys are pretty clever in playing to my desire to get stop acquiring of all of the Things in Life that are quickly Forgotten, to focus on only the Things that I Love and Cherish. Of course, their diamonds are what fit the bill! I am simultaneously annoyed and impressed with this ad. (Here's another commentary on this ad.)

I now have 8 nieces and nephews, which is going to be a lot to buy for this year. Ask them what they want for Christmas, and you will probably hear some plastic, non-inexpensive toys that they will quickly forget about amongst everything else. I remember all that I got as a child, and it was all just too much. I'm trying to think instead of some experience gifts for them. Last year for the youngest niece's birthday, we took her and her sisters to Disney on Ice - I think they enjoyed it, and it gave us (another) reason to all do something together. Any ideas for other things we could do?

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