Thursday, November 6, 2008

In Search of the Great Handbag

It was a while ago that I told myself I could buy The Bag. I didn't know which Bag I wanted, but I knew it would be expensive. I told myself that since I'm such a good Saver, I would let myself get something if I fell in love with it, since it would be something timeless that I would (hopefully) carry forever. I still haven't found The Bag that I'd want above all others, and even if I did, I most likely wouldn't be buying it since it's a frivoulous purchase compared to other things I should and need to do with the money. (Obviously, I also argue with myself that's it's a frivolous purchase no matter what. At lunch today we were talking about LV's, and a guy asked if it holds your things better than a regular-priced bag. Of course not. Must...fight...rampant...consumerism.)

Anyway, I saw this at an ideeli final sale today. While not The Bag, look at this Gryson Laura Saddle. Originally $725, it was on sale for $180. AND it has a metal "Laura" hangtag. How perfect would that have been (for me)? Lucky for my wallet, it was sold out, because I may would have bought that baby.

Check out this Ostich Embossed Clutch from Jalda for a mere $25, marked down from $235! I need another cute clutch like I need my car to be rear-ended again (oh wait, did I not tell you that the other week I got hit for the 3rd time in a year? I'm quite the lucky gal.), but these would make great Christmas presents. "Oh, I know I shouldn't have splurged on such a luxurious item for you, but you're sooo worth it!"

Expert Italian craftsman, stop taunting me. The hunt continues...

If you'd like an invite to ideeli, Gilt Groupe, or The Top Secret, let me know!

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Megan said...

omg! I would love you forever if you got me an ostrich embossed clutch for Christmas! LIKE FOREVER!!! And I don't have a lot of clutches.

I hope it wasn't a trolley this time (one of the funniest stories ever!)...