Thursday, September 10, 2009

Celebrity Pads for Sale

The blog Hooked on Houses often features celebrity homes up for sale. I thought I'd do something similar today after I saw an email in my inbox from Trulia that had links to both Holly Madison's and Alec Baldwin's places. By the way, do you know if there's a special area on Trulia where you can see these celeb listings? Clearly Trulia knows but doesn't display it on the listing itself. I could look at these for hours.

Carlos Boozer
I wasn't going to include Carlos Boozer since I don't know who he is (big sports fan that I am and all), but since the link to the realtor listing for Alec's place is gone and there's only one Trulia photo of it, I thought I'd share Mr. Boozer's digs as well. (Not too shabby.)

Love the view.

I only posted this one inside pic because the interiors not really my style, and I totally don't see a young male athlete living here. Not very Miami at all.

Alec Baldwin
I like the yellow walls...and I totally cannot see Alec living here.

Holly Madison
I'm not going to lie, Holly was totally my favorite on the Girls Next Door. (Yes, I watched it.) I thought it was interesting to see what kind of place she got after leaving the Mansion.

Yech, satin sheets

Holly, do you need a home stager? I suggest you put away your toiletries. And get better photos...some of them are way too dark. Don't you watch HGTV?

Smaller patio, but nice view

If you look at the pillow, you can make out that it's the cover she did with Bridget & Kendra...hmm

The listing says furniture is negotiable...seems like a dream home for a PB Bunny wannabe or a perv who's in love with Holly and this is his only chance to sleep in her bed.

So what about you? Do you love real estalking as much as I do?

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