Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I've Died and Gone to Office Heaven

The Hubs is leaving Sunday for a 6-week rotation in Corpus Christi (more on that later). My goal while he is gone is to get the house organized. (Yes, we've lived in our home for over a year and I sitll can't find things. I am so embarrassed.)

An office like this is just the kick in the skirt I need:
Note to self: add vintage locker bins to Craigslist search terms

I seriously lust after card catalogs. (I think I've devoted more than one blog post to these babies.)
Every one that shows up on eBay is never in Texas.
Texas, what did you do with all of your old card catalogs?!!!

I also need a card holder like this. (I may have blogged about this before, too.)
Must be a need vs. want then, right?
I also need a good camera. Love the colors!

My problem is that I will never round up enough of my like-type junk to realize they could be placed in collections like this.

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Anonymous said...

WOW, that would be amazing!!