Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm Obsessed...

with Glee. After hearing from several people that I need to watch it, I watched all 4 episodes last night. And then I looked up videos on YouTube.

Clearly, I love it and think you should watch it too. And then check out these links:

The Huffington Post posts the video of the football team dancing to "Single Ladies", along with other takes on The Best Video of All Time, including one by Joe Jonas and the one with the dancing baby making the blog rounds.

I also watched this video response to the Glee cover of "Don't Stop Believing" that's pretty cool. (You'll have to watch.) Have I mentioned that it's pretty much my favorite song ever, even though I invariably forget some of the lyrics each time? It's actually on my goals list:
Memorize the lyrics to "Don't Stop Believing"
And if feeling ballsy enough, sing it at karaoke

I wasn't able to embed the videos, so I hope you click through.

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