Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Open My Heart

“Muscle tissue gets stronger after being broken down. I believe the same is true
for our souls. Feeling broken from a crisis opens our hearts and helps us
appreciate things we previously took for granted.”

I don't know if anyone reads my little blog or noticed that I didn't post anything for the entire month of August. I've been sitting on this post for a while now because I didn't know what to write since I never really post anything personal.

A little over 5 weeks ago, my father was in a motorcycle accident.

It's been a very long 5 weeks. He's been in the hospital the entire time, with a very brief stint yesterday at a nursing home and rehabilitation center. We went to see him there last night, and today he's back at the hospital. (Pulled out his trach and is being uncooperative.)

There are so many other factors involved that I'm not going into right now that make this situation all the more difficult. I've learned all of the different ways a heart can break, and I've learned how it is possible to feel a flood of conflicting emotions at one time.

Whenever I hear someone get bent out of shape about something insignificant in the grand scheme of things, and whenever I start to do the same, I try to be grateful for everything in my life that is going right.

"Gratitude comes easily when our lives are in order—when the bills are paid, the
children are behaving and our health is good. But our challenges are what bring
the chance for transformation. And it is during our deepest pain that we can be
most grateful, because we know our hardship will deliver a lesson that redefines
our character. As you practice gratitude, give thanks not only for what you
have, but also for what you've escaped. When difficulties arise, ask yourself,
'What is the lesson for me in this?' And when you give thanks in the midst of
your trial, know that you're becoming your finest."

If anyone's reading this, please go hug someone you love. And if you feel like, please say a prayer for my family.


GrannySmithGreen said...

Bless your heart! I'm reading your blog and praying for your family. It sounds like you all have been through so much. I hope your father is recovering well and your family is healing too.

On a lighter note, how about Lulu or Gabrielle or the precious pup?

Thinking of you blog friend!

Alissa said...

I can't remember how I found your blog, but I did notice you hadn't been showing up on my RSS! I'm sorry to hear about all that your family is going through.

Here are some websites for French girl names!

I like the sound of Sophie for a sweet pup.

Mermanda said...

Praying for your family.

Decorina said...

I hope your father gets better soon. So hard to deal with aging parents. You have my sympathy and best wishes for coping.