Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Secret Message

I volunteer in a hospital gift shop Wednesday nights. A few weeks ago I helped one of the security guards pick out a Valentine's Day gift - a heart necklace where the heart opened into two pieces where you can stick a little rolled up love letter inside.

It reminded me of something that's been on my wish list for a while: the letter-in-an-envelope necklace!

Say it in Français:

Or perhaps Español:
grigio, $22
I love the clasp on this one!

Or if you're the kind of girl that likes to save on postage, this postcard necklace is quite adorable too:

I would love the ability to personalize the message. Do you think the back could be engraved, maybe at a jeweler?

Or I could just have my honey stick his own handwritten message inside:
anirtak, $14

I stumbled across some empty envelopes for just $2 each. I wonder if I should try my hand at adding a chain:
greenkitten, $3.80!

J & I didn't exchange Valentine's Day gifts (we're trying to beef up the travel fund, which sadly took a big step backward this month paying for some of his tuition and board exams...why they are so friggin' expensive and why we have to pay for one of the exams 9 months in advance is beyond me), but I may tell him I wouldn't mind being surprised with one of these sometime...because we should celebrate love every day, no?

Which one's your favorite? Do you wear any jewelry with a secret message, such as an engraved wedding band?

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stephanie michele said...

I'm pretty sure that I HAVE to have one of these necklaces now!