Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Pillow WILL Be Mine

Recently I posted about some giveaways to win my dream pillow, and disappointingly, I didn't win. (Drat, in my quest to get an extra entry by blogging about it, I'm sure I reduced my chances. What was I thinking?)

Well, I'm taking that chance again because I my couch *needs* this pillow! Dream in Domestic is hosting a giveaway for any $50 and under All Modern pillow, and of course my glorious chevron friend is available in their store:
It zigs and it zags, and one day, it will no longer allude me and it will be mine*.

If you're not a fan of my love, here are some other fun options I found:

Enter here, and if you win, let me know so I can send you my address. (You're going to have them send it to me, right? Thanks, that's really generous of you!)

* Yes, I could go buy it myself, but I don't have $50. So instead I will be hunting down all pillow giveaways until I am successful. My couch will not let me rest until I bring this baby home.


Tam said...

Laura! Did you see this?

Alissa said...

Just saw this today and thought of you... it's not exact but less expensive!