Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'll Never Let Go

I agree with the rule c jane passed on about how you shouldn't blog about blogging. Especially if it's to post something that along the lines of "sorry I haven't posted anything yet today, I'll be posting later!". Things like this just add to the ever growing number of unread items in my Google Reader*.

But I'm breaking that rule, because I'm annoyed that I've had some good blog ideas lately that I can't find the time to write. I had a clever (at least in my head) post planned about last weekend, but it's Wednesday/almost Thursday now and it's a little late for that. So instead, here's a little rundown of the minutiae of my day:
  • Work - Nonstop. Began with a new fun daily beatdown meeting to discuss why our project's behind, followed by more meetings to discuss issues with said project, supplemented by another daily deluge of emails. One word: Titanic.

    I did manage to sneak out of the office for lunch with a friend who happens to work at my company and her last day is Friday. She's going to take some time off to travel across the pond before finding a new job. Lucky.

  • Junior League meeting - The topic was on organization**. I signed up for it because that's something I can certainly use more of. While I didn't learn a lot of new ideas (I understand organization in theory, but not in practice), here's a tidbit for you (stolen from Martha): putting chalk in your closet will keep everything fresh & dry. Ta-da!

    I killed a little time before the meeting started at the Pier 1 down the street, which I haven't been to in ages. I figured it's easier for me to turn down buying home decor items than it is to not buy clothes, so I chose it over the Gap nearby.

    I did wind up buying an ice cream scoop on clearnace for $2.60. (Who knew they had kitchen utensils?) The cashier told me it's too cold for ice cream. Blasphemy. It's never too cold for ice cream. Especially when you're stressed and you want to eat your feelings.

  • Talked to J when he got home from call - He has a tough attending right now, but I take that Dr. Tough starting to call J "Chief" and "Stud" as he likes him and thinks he's doing a good job. That + me leaving him a burrito for breakfast tomorrow = he's in good spirits and not totally beat down = me happy.

  • Work - That's right, I got to come home and work some more, which is turning out to be a recurring theme. I need a break or I'm ready to drop this like Rose dropped Jack***.

I hope to be back with more interesting (and more coherent) posts soon.

Please never let me go from your blogroll.

* When I checked Google Reader today and it said I had no unread items, I sort of flipped out. And then I told myself that this could be a good thing, a way to start fresh. Turns out I had forgotten to enter my new Google password and I wasn't really logged in, and all of my unread items were there, taunting me to get to them. How do you handle trying to read the entire goodness of blogland? Unfortunately, I think I need to start culling down the list of blogs I read.

** Every other month, the JL offers "fun" topics for meetings that you can attend to fulfill your yearly meeting requirement in addition to the regular topics focusing on community issues, such as domestic violence and homelessness. Is it totally bad that I get all of my meeting credits from the fun ones? They're shorter and we often get free samples. (I got a coin purse/clutch thingy tonight.)

*** Titanic's been playing on TV a lot lately. Have you ever noticed that she tells him she'll never let go, and then she seems to immediately push him into the ocean?


Katie said...

I totally understand what you mean about posting something that happened days later. It's like I have it written in my head, but work gets in the way, or I'd rather sleep instead of log-on. Sometimes I just let the moment pass, or if it's really important, I'll still post if it's within the week. Hey, just because it's old new to me, doesn't mean it is to someone else, right?! =P

I don't always get to read everything in my blogroll, and I think I've just come to terms with it. I just pick to read the things that attract my eye, or click on someone I haven't read in a while, or my favorites.

Thanks for the chalk tip. Who knew?! Have a fabulous day :)

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

I've always wondered about Junior League!! It is good, eh? I wondered if it was a southern thing.

My goal this month is to utilize the mark all as read button