Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vroom Vroom

Having babies is still a "someday", but I will admit that I could look at photos of nursery inspiration for hours. The automobile wallpaper in this nursery found on Ohdeedoh caught my eye today.

James has a baby blanket made in the same Marimekko Bo Boo pattern as the wallpaper, and it has got to be featured in the someday nursery somehow (especially if it's a boy). We just recently got the blanket back - something about a nephew thinking it was his baby blanket and refusing to surrender it - through a super secret mission that involved stealing it from his bedroom when he wasn't looking. (Do not feel bad for him. While smuggling it out of the house was like stealing candy from a baby, he's 8, and to my knowledge has never even noticed it is missing. Muahahaha.)

Unfortunately (in the eyes of my husband), the back of the blanket has been defiled with the name of our nephew written in marker, as well as with the initials of J's brother, who had to pretend like it was his in a blanket show-and-tell assignment back in kindergarten when he didn't have one of his own. Someday, hopefully, the initials of its rightful owner will be added.

What about you? Do you have any keepsakes from childhood that you're holding onto for your offspring?

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