Thursday, October 8, 2009

Do You Love Craig?

I am always amazed by the great Craigslist finds of others - who knew what great afters you can make into seen-better-days befores?


Love this office at Little Green Notebook

So I've been searching the site like a fiend for a variety of things on my to-buy list. (Entryway table, large framed mirror, mantel shelf, other coolness...) Do you know about CraigsToolbox? It shows the image previews with your search. Oh, how glorious! No more wasting time clicking into postings with crappy items! (Except my free trial has now run out, and I'm too cheap to subscribe. If I had loads of dough, I wouldn't exactly need Craig, now would I?)

Another reason I decided not to pay for the image preview is because my husband strongly doesn't approve of me buying anything off Craigslist due to shady happenings in the news. I was talking to him on the phone the other day (our main way to communicate these days since he is living out of town for his pediatrics rotation), and I mentioned that I found a posting for an awesome mantel shelf that will go perfectly with our fireplace - for only $25! - and I was really hoping someone hadn't already snatched it up. He got really upset and told me I cannot buy anything off the site. Rather than argue, I made something up about having to get off the phone. (If I every buy anything on there, I am fully planning on meeting in a public place and either bringing someone with me or telling others of where I'm going.)

So what's a gal to do? $25! I can't lie to The Hubs. Maybe sweet-talk someone else into actually making the purchase for me?

Have you found any great Craigslist steals? Are you ever surprised by prices being almost the same as retail? For example, I found a posting for this shapely mirror (swoon!) for $150. The ad says it's from Ballard Designs, so I had to check it out since I was curious to see the retail price: $180. It is new in box, but a $30 savings on something that much isn't enough for me to justify unless it happens to be close to my home. (This one wasn't; I actually hadn't even heard of the town.)
Meanwhile, I'll remain on the hunt. Don't tell my husband.

Here are some Craigslist searching & buying tips I found that might assauge his fears.

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