Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Etsy Love

My Etsy favorites list is exploding, so I thought I would start sharing some of my favorite finds. I was searching for elephant pillows (random, huh? more on that later), and came across this ring bowl:

I love the sentiment!
SugarStreetCafe Etsy shop, $17

I have an ever-popular one from the original Paloma's Nest. You can look through the photos for a lot of great inspiration for verbiage - I believe mine has "To Have and To Hold" with our names and wedding date. I love that it's a keepsake we can do several things with - hang on the wall, leave our rings on it, hang on the Christmas tree...

Paloma's Nest Etsy Shop, $34 (various prices)

I looked up what I bought it for, and noticed her prices have gone up - I would too if I was featured by Martha! Here are some other options that might also float your boat. I couldn't narrow down my favorites, so I have a lot from each shop.

lovegrowsbygiving's Etsy Shop, $24 (various prices)

SayYourPiece's Etsy Shop, $8-$12 as shown


If feeling up to it, you can also try to make your own.

This is making me want to buy some more keepsake bowls/dishes. The last shop has some for babies and pets. Does my puppy need one? I could present her with her treats in her own fancy little dish.

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