Thursday, October 1, 2009

Put On Your Pearls, Girls

In my last post I mentioned my old affinity for Lulu Guinness because of the "LG" signature, but I forgot another one: her usage of silhouettes.
I adore silhouettes. And this is pretty much the silhouette to end all silhouettes. (And isn't the saying cute?)

I was browsing for an image of a Lulu Guinness zippered pouch with a different silhouette that I use to keep jewelry in when traveling and came across this:


I am assuming this is Lulu's home, because I don't know where someone else would have gotten such a large version of it. Love it.

Update: Using my mad Google skills, I turned up this post about Lulu Guinness's home. I don't know where the above is from, but I want it.

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bluehydrangea said...

I love silhouettes too!! I just spent the last 10 mins going thru your blog. Love it! thanks for stopping by BH!!