Thursday, October 22, 2009

Skull Candy

I've never decorated for Halloween, but I am liking these budget-friendly skull serving pieces. Makes me want to have a skeleton party!

Many found via Copy Cat Chic (a great source of the look for less):

Target Bone Collector Platter, $22 Target Cocktail Plates (Set of 4), $22 Target Skull Mugs (set of 4), $22
Target Skull Plates (set of 8), $16
Target Skull Platter (set of 2), $14 Z Gallerie, $13
Pottery Barn, $16

Speaking of budget-friendly Halloween decorating, have you seen Young House Love's post and video (embedded at the bottom) on what they did inside this year? All great ideas!

They dripped red candle wax down the pillar candles. I love this arrangement of candlesticks and can easily see switching out the candles to work for any holiday: Thanksgiving (orange), Christmas (red, green, white, silver), New Year's (white, silver), Valentine's Day (red, pink)
Great silhouette of Burger. The bones were adapted from his actual chew bones. How smart is Sherry? (If you can't tell, I'm a little in love with YHL.)

Again, I can easily see this cloche working for any time of year just by switching out the objects. Genius!
John doctored a copy of their wedding photo. Again, I think this would be funny for other holidays...Santa Hats at Christmas?

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Sherry Petersik said...

Thanks for the sweet shout out! We're blushing over here.

Sherry (& John)