Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Are Your Towels Fancy?

I think monogrammed towels add instant luxury to a bathroom, but can be pricey. A while ago, I snagged these Ralph Lauren Lawton towels from Horchow on sale for $10, monogrammed. (I was pretty proud of myself. We had just gotten married, so I got a bath towel with a "Mr." and one with a "Mrs." for the master bath as well as some bath and hand towels in our new monogram.)

I've been hoping to get them at this price again for a while now, and it looks like I now have my chance to stock up with their current sale + ALLSALE 30% off promo code.

What do you think?
Do you enjoy a good monogram, or is it too much?
Do you prefer the single or 3-letter monogram?
Can I beat $10 for RL + monogram?
Do you prefer the "bath sheet" over the bath towel for extra coverage?
How many towels do you have?
What's your go-to towel, and in what colors?

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