Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Butterfly Migration

This past weekend, I flew down to Corpus Christi to meet The Hubs. (It's his last week gone!) He showed me around Corpus, and then we drove down to South Padre Island to visit the beach.

I drove so he could study, and was in awe of all the monarch butterflies everywhere, migrating to Mexico for the winter.

It was pretty magical. There were so many right in front us that looked like they were going to hit the windshield, but most were pushed up by the wind at the last moment. Unfortunately some didn't make it, and hit either the windshield or the grill of the car.

Monarch guts are not so magical. Plus, I felt like a butterfly killer.

I don't want to be a butterfly killer.My aunt and my mom always loved butterflies, and I in turn do too, especially because I feel like it's a connection to them.

I miss my aunt.

My aunt had a boat that they lived on in the summer called "Le Papillon". If I am ever lucky enough to name a boat, maybe I will call it "La Mariposa".

I asked The Hubs what he would name his boat?

After me: Senorita Laurita

I like it.

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