Monday, November 9, 2009

Do They Make These for Grown-ups?

When I'm pregnant for the first time someday (hopefully), I know my over-researching self will have trouble deciding what to buy for baby. A friend that had her first this last year has great stories about the process, such as wandering cluelessly around Babies 'R Us with the registry scan gun until the teenage, male employee walked them through it, category by category. (He knew what to recommend based on what all the moms who had done their research were buying.) When the pediatrician determined that the baby was taking in liquid into lungs when breastfeeding and needed to switch to formula, she had to rush out and buy bottles and figure out the nipple situation. (Haha.)

I don't know anything about baby equipment, so I'm going to be questioning all mothers I know when the time comes. However, I really like the look of these stainless steel bottles. Hopefully they have the right nipples.

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Tam said...

OMG the wall of nipples at Babies R US might just be one of the most overwhelming parts of pregnancy THUS FAR.

I have a feeling that might change.

Also, a teenage worker helped us figure out the stroller contraptions - my husband was embarrassed.