Monday, November 2, 2009

November Blog Goal

I noticed today that this blog has 114 posts to its name, which isn't very many over the course of 14 months. My goal for the month of November is to post something every weekday.

Think I have the willpower to make it? If you said yes, you should probably know that as I type this, I am watching the buff girls on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team and eating potato chips in true couch potato form. Clearly, willpower is not my strong suit.

For my .2 readers, what would you like to read this month? Anything you want to know about me, such as my favorite chip & dip combo?


Tam said...

OMG is that show back on? I must put it on my DVR - I know, it's trashy TV - but I totally dig it.

also, this as an incentive/push

Alissa said...

I am the same way - I need to try to post more and worry less about always having a handful of photos for everything I want to say.

I'm happy to hear whatever you feel like writing!