Monday, November 23, 2009

I've Got Moves You've Never Seen

The theme for my 9 -year-old niece's family birthday party this week is a dance off. How fun is that? (Although being the shy one that I am, I'm a little terrified of actually participating.)

Thank goodness for YouTube to remind me how to do The Pizza and the Q-Tip:

Of course, I could try to memorize the Evolution of Dance:

Or maybe Lisa P's Adventureland dance:

Got any tried and true moves to share?

On a side note, I just love hanging out with my nieces. When I asked them after Halloween why they didn't save me any Starbursts, they left this for me at my in-laws' house. How sweet is that?


Sweet Simplicity said...

That is a great theme! How fun!

Tam said...



Turk from Scrubs - Poison

That party theme is A-DORABLE