Friday, November 20, 2009

Yay Friday!

This weekend we are headed down to San Antone for our friends' wedding*. We are staying right near the Riverwalk (over half off with my awesome hotel-finding skills!), and I am hoping all of the holiday twinkly lights are up. What are you up to?

A few things I enjoyed this week:

The Youngsters are having their own little youngster!

These sassy grandmas via The English Muse (also see the cute videos she posted on What is Twitter? and What is Flickr?)

How to make DIY chevron artwork like this from Makeunder My Life

Posters for your optimistic and pessimistic sides via {Black. White. Yellow.}

* As I write this post Thursday night, I should be packing** but cannot access my closet because Sleeping Beauty / Husband goes to sleep by 9 so he can get up at an ungodly hour to leave for work*** by 5. The hours suck on his OB-GYN rotation, but he got to deliver his first baby today! (He's moving up in the world, before this it was just placentas and other fun stuff.)

** Usually I like to try on the outfits I pack for a trip, and I just realized I haven't even tried on the dress I'm wearing for the wedding since I last wore it almost two years ago, when I definitely weighed a lot less. I'm crossing my fingers that it looks okay, because I don't have a backup planned.

*** Insert some other word. Work would imply he gets paid.

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